Before a store or service operation is approved, the following points must be reviewed.
This is a list that is updated regularly, so frequent visits are recommended if you are a Service Manager/co-worker in your company.
Consumers are requested to address where the product was purchased. Sahaga as is experiencing that far over 50% of all products coming back to us, are not mistaken. User error or lack of reading of the instruction manual is usually the cause. We want to work closely with our resellers about these challenges to save the environment and think financially. All costs affect the price picture and we want to sell high quality products at the lowest possible price.

SERVICE information, tips and requirements for acceptance of complaints

DAB/DAB + reception
All products sold under brand names POP have DAB +.

Generally about reception of DAB/dab + signals

  • Remember that most problems with a DAB/dab + radio are resolved by an factory reset (reset to factory settings). See Manual.
  • Always check the coverage where the radio is used ( in Norway)
  • Remember that there are different coverage levels on the various nights (P4, Radio N etc. have less coverage than NRK)
  • Keep in mind that there may be coverage for NRK somewhere there is no coverage for P4, and opposite
  • Remember that you have to check that you are listening to the correct transmitter. The same channel can appear several times in the list, both neighboring county and your own county. You must listen to the closest transmitter to get the most stable reception.
  • Keep in mind that there may be local conditions that prevent reception, although there is coverage in the following coverage chart (building construction, disturbance from noise sources like LED bulbs, large aggregates, high voltage etc. This is very common for radio signals, and is not specifically for DAB/dab +.
  • Remember, the antenna in most cases must be completely flushed. Many people believe that dab/DAB + has with the internet making and that the antenna is only for the FM part of the radio.
  • Remember, when the signal becomes too bad on DAB +, the sound cuts completely. If you are in marginal coverage, this can happen even if the radio stands still. It is not the fault of the radio, but it must be moved in order to get better reception.
  • Keep in mind that POP uses only the best receive modules for DAB + for each model. In most cases, when it comes to signal reception there is a talk of where the radio is located and the prerequisites it has to receive the signal, rather than the fault of the radio, it is the case if someone is advocating the signal reception.
  • Keep in mind that if your radio is powered by batteries (disposable or rechargeable batteries), the signal reception may be adversely affected when the batteries are at the end.

Uncertainty around the reception of DAB/dab + on POPs products? Contact (+ 47) 69 31 10 30 or


Special about the POPyourCAR-series claims

  • POPyourCAR 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and POPyourMIRROR all have the market's best receive module for DAB +. In the case of receiving problems, it is generally always the antenna assembly that is the cause. The antenna must be mounted vertically and it must be mounted on glass where there is no "filter" to close the signal out. Such filters are not easy to see, so one should always test before mounting the antenna permanently.
  • Typical "Filters" are: Hot threads, other antennas, sun shielding (applies to the kind that are metallic), Anticrush-mats in the glass (applies to punches that are metallic), other metals that close the signal out. If the glass is transparent (without a filter closing for the signal) where the antenna is mounted, the POPyourCAR series should receive DAB/DAB + over the entire coverage map as indicated by (several places actually out over the coverage area).
  • POPyourCAR (the whole series) has SERVICE following (SF). If the customer complains that the DAB signal falls out in short tunnels or in areas with marginal coverage, it will pay to turn the SF off. The radio will not break the sound to look for a better transmitter. This will lead to better experience there and then, but you have to keep in mind to turn Service following on again, if you want the radio to update itself to the strongest transmitter when driving over longer distances.
  • POPyourCAR (the whole series) has TRAFFIC announcements (TA). Some will find traffic messages that interrupt NRK's broadcasts as fussy. TA can be switched off.
  • POPyourCAR 2.2, 3.0 and POPyourMIRROR has Bluetooth handsfree. The microphone is built into the device. If it is advertised on the fact that the interlocutor "on the other end" is too bad, this has the position of the unit in the car's kupè to do. The longer the microphone is from the mouth, the more noise and less voice will be perceived by the microphone.
  • POPyourCAR (the whole series) has supplied Glassklebeantenner with magnetic grounding.  The grounding is important. The customer must make sure that the magnet "clicks fast" in the ceiling/bar. This is important for the reception. GLASSKLEBEANTENNEN must not be mounted on moist/cool glass. Then it won't snap, the glue will disappear and the antenna will be loose. Improper assembly, change of route, damaged antenna when trying to move it etc is not reklamasjonsgrunn. Extra antennas can be ordered.
  • Remember, if the customer says it "hurts" when you transfer from POPyourCAR to the car over FM: If it hurts, there may be two reasons: 1) The frequency you are using is either busy or getting interference, select a different transmit frequency on the POPyourCAR.  2) The FM receiver in the car is not better. To Test this, listen to a local radio on FM. If it is also a matter of the same situation (e.g. when the call is set to or at the time of the channel), the FM receiver is in the car that is not good enough.
  • If "no service" or "no Signal" appears on the display, there may be several natural reasons. If it happens the first time you turn on, it is because the antenna is not mounted or is mounted incorrectly (see above). If it happens after a while, it's because you're trying to listen to a channel that doesn't have any coverage on the location you are or that isn't broadcasting at the location you are. You will need to make a new channel search to find out if the channel has a different frequency in the area where you are now (do not apply to channels that use the SERVICE following (NRK) and the POPyourCAR itself will find the channel again for you). Either way, a reset of the unit will solve the problem, because it will then reset and then search up all available channels at the location you are located.

Uncertainty around the POPyourCAR series? Contact (+ 47) 69 31 10 30 or

Special about claims on the POP @ Work series

  • Pop @ Work series consists of entry models pop @ Work and pop @ Work BT
  • Pop @ Work Pro Series consists of pop @ Work Pro and pop @ Work Pro helmet
  • Pop @ Work and pop @ Work BT are not waterproof. They also don't have hygiene sets for replacing the earpads.
  • POP @ Work Pro and Pro helmet are waterproof and there are hygiene sets for replacing the ear cushions as optional accessories.
  • Pop @ Work and pop @ Work BT are manufactured with extra nylon in the plastic around the fasteners of the clocks, to make them more robust than other entry-level products in the same category. These don't break by themselves. Upon claims of broken parties/hoops: The service administrator must do a review of whether the product is damaged due to rough treatment or whether there has been a weakness on the product. Note here also the usage temperature as specified in the user's Guide.
  • Pop @ Work Pro and pop @ Work Pro helmet have a more robust construction and it can be expected that these withstand the rougher processing than the entry-level series.
  • Batteries in the POP @ Work series will play for up to 8 hours. If there is a problem with the battery, or the device does not charge, this is usually an issue that is resolved by sending a new battery. The device is not replaced until it is tested with a new battery.
  • Hearing protection signal reception with DAB/DAB +:
    • The POP @ Work series uses specially-developed DAB/DAB + modules, with a focus on moving reception, small size for clock space and low power consumption.
    • It is a kjennsgjerning that the dab/dab + signal is to be received vertically. There are very few workers who relate with their heads vertically at all times. In areas with marginal coverage, you will therefore be able to experience small outcomes in situations where the antenna does not point upwards.
    • It is technically so that the DAB/dab + antenna should be about 36 cm long. Since no one would want to go with such a long antenna on the head, we have adapted the use by making it shorter. A lot of work is done with this to avoid receiving deterioration, but in areas with marginal coverage, but where a board radio still has signal reception, one would on hearing protection with shorter antennas could experience signal outcomes.
    • Please note that working indoors with hearing protection with DAB/dab + may result in inferior reception than similar work outdoors. In addition, the signal quality is difference in the construction of three constructions in relation to masonry and metal. Large machinery, welding machines, light rigs with LED and others can also destroy the DAB/dab + signal in the premises.
    • If the customer thinks there was coverage for FM (on the old hearing protectors) and that there should be coverage on DAB/dab +, this is not the case. First, it has to do which channel you are listening to (different broadcasting networks), second, FM networks and DAB networks are not directly comparable (coverage% total for the country is actually better in DAB/dab +, but locally the rebranding may have led to "new" conditions ) and not least, – it is very likely that the work place had its own FM transmitters installed indoors to the work premises. If they have not set up their own dab/dab + transmitters yet, it will become a very wrong comparison. Sahaga as can communicate contact with installers who set up local DAB/DAB + on larger jobs.

Uncertainty around the POP @ Work series? Contact (+ 47) 69 31 10 30 or

Special about claims on POPs entry-level models (POPlite, POPlite2, POPintro, POPintro2, POP original, POPstar, POP2017, POPnano, POPup)

  • In those cases the radio has clock radio, please note that this function only works when the radio is connected 220v. This is so that no one will experience to Oversleep because the batteries went blank during the night.
  • Remember that "factory reset" usually can only be completed when the radio is connected 220v.

Special about claims at POPs DELUXE series (POPdeluxe, MyPOP and POPup2)

  • Remember that what appears on the color display depends on what's sent from the broadcaster.
  • Keep in mind that you can choose from multiple display slideshow mode (see User manual)
  • Remember that the snooze function on the POPup2 is different from other alarm clocks.  (See manual)

Special about claims on POPradio and POPworldradio


Special about claims on POPyourSHOWER

  • The POPyourSHOWER has a keylock under the cover on the right side. This must be left for the radio to turn on or other buttons are operated.
  • POPyourSHOWER must be recharged after approximately 8-10 hours of play. For many, after several weeks it is only used in the shower. Then it is important to note that if the radio stops working or the signal reception becomes poor, it is because the radio needs to be charged.
  • Remember that the POPyourSHOWER has specially formulated DAB/dab + antenna that are not visible. It is located in the rubber band/handle on the radio. If the shower is in a basement or in a block with a lot of concrete/metal, the radio may need to be placed near a window. The antenna is good, but the signal reception is affected (in areas where the coverage is marginal) of that the antenna is not vertical and not about 36 cm long.

General about claims on other POP radios

  • In general, we refer all users of pop to the specific pop model's manual.
  • Regarding coverage or channel-oriented issues, we refer to or the relevant broadcaster.  (NRK's public service: + 47 23 04 70 00)


This overview is updated continuously. Do you have tips on something that should be with? Please contact us at So we update continuously!


Older edition of "Frequently Asked questions", which may give answers too:

Questions & Answers

General questions and answers about DAB   (See FAQ and Answers about POP down)

Sahaga as recommends all of its customers insert themselves into their product manuals. By knowing how your product is meant to work, you will save both time and money and avoid unnecessarily sending products without error.
Keep in mind that DAB audio needs coverage of DAB signals and that a DABradio either has sound (good to bad coverage) or is completely silent (marginal to no cover). That means there can be big difference in reception at only a few meters away. Move on the radio, try channel outdoors, or take the radio to another place for a test, because the errors are reported. Signaldeknings-issues are not covered by warranty. Sahaga has nothing to do with the development of the DAB network in Norway.

I'm getting the channel name, but I hear no sound. What's wrong?
There could be several reasons for this. First you need to:

  1. Make a reset to the factory setting (this will usually solve evnt temporary software problems)
  2. Make a new channel (make sure you make a full channel, feel free to bring the radio to a window or outdoors to ensure the best signal reception)
  3. Check the channel list and make sure you're listening to the nearest transmitter
  4. Check the coverage on
  5. Read the operation manual whether the radio has a "mute" feature or a lock button that is the cause of a lack of audio

Frequently asked questions about pop radios

Many of these questions deal with the general themes of DAB/DAB + and not applicable to pop radios.
Many of the audience's questions will find an answer to by reading the manual. All pop radio stations have a Norwegian user manual included in the box.
All boxes have instruction manual.


How long does POP on battery?
POP plays about 14-16 hours on 4x AA batteries. Playing time will vary by how high you play, whether you hear DAB or FM, whether it is hot or cold where you listen and other external conditions. Dab generally uses more power than FM because DAB is a small processor/computer that decodes data over to audio again. Rechargeable batteries that can be charged in a charger outside the radio can be an idea. They play less time but are more economical and environmentally friendly in that they can be recharged many times.

I've broken my aerial, can you get new?
Yes, contact the radio from which they can obtain a new antenna from the POP importer SAHAGA AS.

have POP line input or Bluetooth?
No. POPduo has bluetooth. POPmusic also has Bluetooth.

Does the POP headphone output?

What should I do if the radio locks up?
The radio can lock up, just like other small and big computers. Then it must be reset. Read the instructions.

I let the radio stand long in direct sunlight and very high temperature. It turned off and now it won't turn on. What do I do?
Let the radio stand for a while in the shade. Then it will be able to turn back on, if it has not been in extreme heat and gotten internal electronics destroyed.

There are no characters in the display. I hear sound/I do not hear sound. What do I do?
The display is damaged. If it is not prone to external influence/damage, this is a security matter the first 2 years after purchase and you shall deliver the radio where you bought it.

The rubber uttered is worn off at the corners. Is there anything I can promote?
No. The rubber uttered is an exterior that gets sprayed on the plastic after the pressure on the radio is done. If you take the radio with you and take it often up and down of bags etc., the friction over time will wear off the outer layer. This is natural and not a reklamasjonssak.

It bubbles when I hear certain channels. What should I do?
You have to make a new channel. The radio may not be set to the nearest transmitter. If you're listening to a ship far away or are you in an area with weak coverage, it will be experienced. DAB stations bubbles, DAB + channels are completely silent.

The clock on my POPup does not reset after a power outage. What should I do?
You need to make a new channel and choose to listen to the transmitters that are within your area. Then the radio will get signal, and with that signal follows the clock data which causes the clock to be set automatically after power failure.

There are many channels in the list that do not have sound. What do I do?
Enter the menu and clear the channel list. The channels with no audio are either transmitters you've listened to when you had the radio in a different location or senders that you've "got with" in your channel search, but are too far away to be able to hear sound on them.

My POPnano pocket radio has much poorer reception of channels when I use other headphones than the ones that came with. What do I do?
POPnano does not have a built-in antenna. The fewest number of pocket radios without a loudspeaker have it. The antenna is in the display of the headphone cable (the metal that is located around the head itself, inside the plastic of the Wire). If you use a bad screen headphone you will be able to get a poorer effect like an aerial and thus poor reception. Try with other headphones.

I hear a slight dial-up sound in the speaker when I turn off the sound on the radio. Is it a bug/Reklamasjonssak?
No. What you hear is the amplifier. Only a few will be able to experience this. It has several reasons and is a combination of power and sound. It can vary from place to place you use the radio, and has the nature of the product. When you turn up the sound, you won't be able to hear the sound. If you hear the corresponding audio when listening to voice applications it is most likely romstøy in the studio or microphone tripod you hear.

My POPradio does not work on 220v anymore, only on battery. What should I do?
POP is designed to be used on both 220v, batteries and USB port. (it becomes common with USB ports both in the home, in the office, in the car, and even in boats and camping). The MikroUSB connector on the radio must not be exposed to "break" or shock. Have you lost the radio so that the impact has come to your contact? Have you dropped something down on the contact when it's been on the radio? Have you tried inserting the contact wrong way? If you believe that your radio has errors covered by your warranty then you should contact the place where you bought it. They send it to the importer. Please note that if it is displayed that the radio is subjected to external influences, you will incur costs, both shipping and survey fees. Be sure that neither others have damaged your radio before you send it in with warranty requirements.

I find that POP @ Work plays low. What do I do?
POP @ Work is PPE certified. This means that the volume is blocked at a level ensuring that you do not damage your hearing when used for a long period of time. The volume does not allow itself to adjust over this limit. That's because the HSE rules require limiting the volume.
You'll experience some more powerful sound by turning on the "bass boost". See Manual.

POP @ Work does not take charge. What do I do?
POP @ Work has MicroUSB ladekontakt. This is the same type of connector as that of a number of mobile phones. The contact is used to charge your hearing protection with the same equipment that you charge your phone. In other words for your convenience.
It is important to manage USB connectors with a little bit of care. If you have destroyed the contact by rough use, this is not a guarantee case. The connectors are reinforced inside.
If you believe that the contact is broken without external influence, this is a guarantee case.

POPyourCAR has low sound/suse sound. What do I do?
You must turn the volume all the way to Max on the UP/down volume switch up the left side of the POPyourCAR.
The POPyourCAR sends the sound from the dabkanalene over FM to your existing car radio. If something interferes with the frequency you are using, you will need to change the transmission frequency of the POPyourCAR. See Manual.
Do not place the POPyourCAR very far from the FM radio and/or its antenna. Move a little bit on the POPyourCAR. Remember, it doesn't have to stand so it prevents the view. Remember that you don't have to operate it in a way that distracts you as the responsible driver of the car. POP takes no responsibility for how people use the radio when they drive a car.

POPyourCAR has poor reception of dabkanalenes signals. What do I do?
Coverage of DAB/DAB + inside and outside the cities is a big difference. If you use POPyourCAR first and foremost in the city you will rarely or never experience outcomes.
If you have foil/shielding etc in the windshield, the signal is not through and into the POPyourCARs antenna.
DABsignalet must be able to reach the radio in order for you to hear the channels.
If you have a field in the pane without screen/filter, a Glassklebeantenne will be able to help. Otherwise you will need to obtain an outside antenna.
Missing coverage is not a reklamasjonssak.

POPyourCAR does not turn on/off?
On: You need to charge POPyourCAR
OFF: You must fully charge the battery and then recharge it. Then make a reset of the radio. See the Operation Manual.

I am unable to enter my channels, it says channel name, but I get no sound

Make sure you're listening to the correct transmitter. Several of our radios have such good receiving chips that they easily take in signal from transmitters that are farther away from you. Then you may find the transmitter, but the distance is too long for the "accompanies" sound. In this case, the channel will reside more than once in the channel list. Choose one of the others, which is likely to send from a sender closer to you. Use "prune" or "clean" in the radio's system menu. Then it will remove the channels that are not strong enough to get audio from them.

When problems with Internet radio:
Be sure to test the radio on another wireless/wired Internet station before the error is reported. In 90% of all cases the radio works fine on another network and then lies the problem in the router/configuration of the UMR and not on the radio.

Do you or your clients have other questions that are not answered in your POP radio manual? Please send us an email with the question, then we will reply and update this list. Use Thanks for your help!