Facts about REVO Super system

HiFi and design-taken to new heights

DAB, dab +, fm
Internet radio, streaming, Spotify Connect
Bluetooth AptX,
Available in five varieties
80 Watt
App for control of the facility from IOS and Android
Active Subwoofer
Award winning design, easy to use, joystick controlled menu
Veil Retail price 7499,-

Top rated in WhatHiFi? Magazine

Top rated in WhatHiFi? Magazine

Sound and picture give top rated!

Sound and picture give top rated!

Only praise for REVO super system

Class-leading, playing Steinbra, wonderfully good

Sound and Picture HiFi magazine like the REVO super system. Very well.
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Prize winner already before launch

Prize winner already before launch

HiFi out of the ordinary

REVO super System launches at IFA 4. September 2015. Sahaga as looks forward to delivering the REVO super system in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in September.

RedDot-Jury says: » With High-grade materials, such as wood and aluminium, and its classic shape, the super system successfully invokes the age of analogue radio.

Facts about REVO Super system:
Super system is a modern music system combining traditional håndtverks values and high-quality materials, with next-generation whole-digital technology, super and rich acoustic performance and award-winning industrial design. Super system meets all needs. Radio from around the world, access to your personal music collection and an almost limitless access to songs from the world's leading music strømmetjeneste. Thanks to its integrated UNDOK technology, music can be distributed wirelessly to other, compatible devices around your home and create a sophisticated multiroom system that you can control via an app on your IOS or Android device.

The super system is equipped to receive a range of radio standards, such as DAB, DAB +, FM RDS and Internet radio, with access to more than 24.000 radio stations from around the world. But, the music doesn't stop there. Super systems ability to communicate with external music sources is difficult to surpass. Network sound and WLAN technology allow wireless audio playback from remote computers and musikkservere. Bluetooth with AptX delivers music streaming in CD quality from smartphones, web boards etc. and Spotify Connect completes it all by providing access to more than 24 million songs from the Spotify archive.

Super system is made from the finest materials and components. The three anodized aluminum enclosure and steel finish are fine in style with the advanced electronics located inside. The graphical OLED display and the simple menu-maneuvering with the joystick provide a modern move while two 3.5 inch BMR speaker elements and integrated, active subwoofer delivers the 80w with crisp and beautiful sound, with rich bass, which fills the room.

Download REVO SuperSeries Directory

Download REVO SuperSeries Directory

REVO launched Super novelty at IFA 4. 9. September 2015

Even better, even more stylish, even more amazing

Revo launched the sequel to the Revo SuperConnect and the Revo Super signal at IFA in Berling, 2015. The two have been wonderfully received in the whole world. It's nothing funny. Elegant and award winning design, incredibly good sound, amazing features and a price that no Relle competitors are able to beat. Revo Super signal is the "little brother" with dab, DAB +, FM and Bluetooth AptX REVO SuperConnect is today "Big Brother" with dab, DAB +, FM, Bluetooth AptX, Spotify Connect, internet radio, DLNA streaming etc.  We are sure that the new REVO radio will end up on many wish lists for Christmas. Send us an email, salg@sahaga.com




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