Facts about POPyourSIGNAL, 4-element

Outdoor antenna for optimal DAB signal

4-element VHF, outdoor antenna
Frequency range 170-230 mHz, channel 5-12
Impedance 75 oHm, aerial gain 6-10 DB
Front-Back ratio 5-21.5 DB
Beam H54 degrees/V80 degrees, length 754 mm
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Time for the antenna?

Time for the antenna?


Don't forget to remember these


Wall mount

Assemble the antenna on the wall easily.

Veil Retail Price: 129,-

Best No: 100084

Coaxial Cable

Cable between antenna and radio. 

Sold on a roll of 100 metres.

Veil Retail price 799,-PR 100 m/9,-per meter

Order Number: 100086

Twist F-Connector

Single connector for insertion at either end of the cable.

Fits in the antenna and in normal 75 oHm antenna input on various radios in the market.

Veil Retail Price: 7,-

Order Number: 100085