Facts about POPyourREALITY

Universal VR eyewear for iOS and Android phones

can be used with phones in size up to and including the iPhone 6S +/Samsung S7, etc.
Download VR 3D and VR 3D 360 apps for content
comfortable to wear
several adjustment possibilities for optimal usage experience
examples of content; games, movies, concert recording etc.
large selection of 3D VR content on the net/in Apps
no electronics, all content displayed on the phone
veil retail price 299,-

App guide

Here you will find a couple of sources to the content in 3D and 3D 360 which can be seen through POPyourREALITY.

The amount of content on the Web is almost unlimited and you can find it in both Google Play, APPstore and YouTube.

* APP GUIDE (some tips on what you can search in the APP store and Google PLAY)

* A-HA VR Google Play   The App Store   (See A-ha concert in 3D 360)



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