Facts about POP @ Worksite

Heavy Duty Digital Radio

DAB +, fm
Built-in Ladebank for charging your phone (7800 mAh)
5w RMS x 2
Waterproof/sprutbeskyttet (IP54)
Shockproof (Fall from 3m-note, the antenna can crack if it is extracted)
Up to 22 hours playtime per charge
Veil Retail price 2499,-


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Sahaga TV

POP @ worksite

The film can be used by retailers online and in the shop

Ultimate work radio that can withstand tough conditions!

POP @ Worksite enhances the Sahagas range in work radios. This is a rough case that should be found at all jobs where there are people who are fond of radio.

Access to all radio channels in DAB + and FM, line in, USB and not least Bluetooth, so you can listen to all the music from your smartphone.

The radio is solid and water resistant (IP54), dust and fall from up to 3 feet. A robust radio that delivers great sound and easy to use. So you can concentrate on the job and to sing along!


Product: 22 (h) x 39.4 cm (w) x 22 cm (d)

Gift box: 41.5 x 19.4 x 23 cm

Outer carton: 41.8 x 39.5 x 23.4 cm

Quantity: Per carton: 2 pcs 20 foot container: 1450 PCs


Product: 2.95 kg

In gift box: 3.2 kg

Exterior Carton: 6.5 kg


Product: 7090032640629

Other info

Quantity in Yttereske: 2 pcs

Toll Tariff: 85279200

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