Facts about POPradio

The complete digital radio-optimal both at home and at the cabin

DAB +, FM, Bluetooth, line in and line out
Beautiful sound, 2 colour varieties (Walnut and black)
Colour display with slideshow view
Remote control with favourite channel buttons (1-6)
possibility of using an external antenna (POPyourSIGNAL)
Possibility of operating at 12v (with 12v cable/extra)
Clock radio, equalizer, Norwegian texts in display
veil retail price 1699,-


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POPradio-a presentation from Sahaga TV

Ultimate POPradio with DAB +, FM, Bluetooth, colour monitor, 12v, external aerial input M.M.M.



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7090032640445, Walnut

7090032640926, Black

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Quantity in Yttereske: 8

Toll Tariff: 85279200

The purchase order number with the Sahaga:

100244 POPradio, Walnut

100315 POPradio, Black

POPradio with optional accessories

Radio + external antenna + 12v Cable

POPradio offers the complete cabin package. In the picture on the right you see the radio (read more about this higher on the side), POPyourSIGNAL 4-elements dab + antenna (Read more about it here) and 12v cable for use (Read more about it here).

In general, the DAB coverage in Norway is very good. However, when Norwegians "move" from home to lodge, camp or boat, there may often be a need for external antenna to bring in all radio channels. That's how it's always been with radio.

With this total package, the customer can pack up, easily assemble and then enjoy the entertainment-also at the cabin.

Are you in doubt about your cabin coverage? You can see the coverage map at Radio.no.