Use your POPradio on 12v
Use POP at 12v
Use POP Radio at 12v for your cabin
Easy to use radio on 12v systems

POPcharger 2.0

Use your POP radio on 12v

The POPcharger 2.0 is a smart cable that allows you to use most POP radios on 12volt or USB.

This means that anyone with a cabin with a solar power plant but not 220v can use POP if they have a sigarettenner outlet. Likewise, anyone who has a USB port can use POP. So if you have a Ladebank (Powerbank) or a PC/MAC/game console or other device with a USB connector, you can just as easily listen to your POPradio. On the right you see a list of the radios that can be turned into a 12v radio/USB Radio with POPcharger 2.0.

POPcharger 2.0 har tre «endestykker», men kun 1 av dem kan benyttes på en gang!

Please contact us if you want to negotiate POPcharger 2.0

These can be used with POPcharger 2.0

Make the radio usable everywhere!

POPyourSHOWER (can charge it up too)
POP original
POPnano (can charge it up too)
Pop Travel (can charge it up too)
POPparty (can charge it up too)
Popup projection
POP @ Work (can charge it up)
POP @ Work BT (can recharge it)
POP @ Work PRO (can recharge it)

Dersom du ønsker 12v-kabel til POPradio, POPworldradio eller POPcd, så har vi det også. Det er imidlertid en annen kabel. Se nedenfor eller ta kontakt!


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POPcharger 2.0

bestillingsnummer: 100373

POPcharger 2.0

POPcharger (til POPradio, wradio, CD)

bestillingsnummer: 400000

POPcharger (til POPradio, wradio, CD)


Produkt: 1,5 m lang
I forpakning: 7 x 5,3 x 11,5 cm
In outer carton: TBA
Antall på pall: 2400 stk


Product: 50g
In Packaging: 100g
I ytterkartong: ca 12 kg


Product: 7090032641466

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Antall i ytterkartong: 100 stk
Tolltariff: 85444200
Bestillingsnr of Sahaga: 100373