Facts about POPretro2

Classic, good kitchen radio

DAB +, fm, bluetooth
Clock radio function
10 x preset fm, 10 x preset dab
Good reception, good sound, clear display
Four colors, black, creme, Brown and Red
Can be powered at 220v or 4 x C batteries (not included)
Headphone out
veil retail price 999,-


DAB +, FM, Bluetooth in a leaking package-an optimum kitchen radio

POPretro2 sold in display à 10 pieces, assorted colours

POPretro2 is a wonderful kitchen radio. It is easy to use for all generations and it has great sound. The user accesses over 30 radio channels-across the country, without the need to pay subscription or data allowance. DAB + is free when you have purchased the radio first.

The great display sells POPretro2 very well. The display is fully assembled when you receive it. The only thing you have to do is unfold the "foot" and put the display box on it. The display contains 4x black, 2x red, 2x crème, 2x brown POPretro 2. A perfect fargemix.

Take advantage of the offer you received! If you have not received any offers at POPretro2, please contact us at salg@sahaga.com and we will send it to you.


Product: 21 x 8.5 x 12.5 cm

Gift box: tba cm

Outer carton: tba cm quantity on pallet: 480 PCs


Product: 1.3 kg

In gift box: 1.5 kg

Outer carton: 9.5 kg



Black 7090032641053
Red 7090032641084
Brown 7090032641060
Crème 7090032641077

Other info

Number in Yttereske: 10 pieces assorted

Customs tariff: 85279200

The purchase order number Sahaga:

1 pc display with 4x black, 2x red, 2x crème, 2x Brown POPretro2