Facts about POPyourMIRROR

Mirror with dab + and bluetooth 4.0
FM transmitter or line to the car radio
Active glassklebe with magnetic antenna grounding
easy to assemble, top reception, good sound
Service following (SF), traffic announcements (TA)
display that can goes out, the color scheme can be adjusted
4 direct selection buttons + presetliste
veil retail price, 1899-


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POPyourMIRROR-get to know the world's first bilspeil with dab +

Traffic safe, easy to use and easy to mount. Very good reception of dab +.


Sahaga AS/POPyourCAR note that when using FM transmission in combination with the use of the adapter's BLUETOOTH for wireless call on the phone, the call can be listened to by FM receivers nearby. If you want to hedge 100% against this, you have to use line transfer or do not carry calls over Bluetooth on the DAB adapter. The Bluetooth feature will still be useful when streaming other audio from your phone. Sound that is not compromising for you or others, such as Spotify or saved music on your phone.

On POPyourMIRROR do not need this to be a problem, if one uses the device correctly. POPyourMIRROR has a built-in speaker. If one chooses that the audio from the call should go to the "built-in speaker in the POPyourMIRROR" instead of "the car's speaker", the call will not be broadcast on FM. This is important to note and addresses the mentioned issue 100%.


31.8 cm (b) x 2 cm (d) x 8.2 cm (h)

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