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Millions of cars will need an upgrade for digital radio. POP puts safety first! You'll be ´ happy about it, cause ´ you will meet a lot of them on the roads. City h.c. andersen


The series with dab + for the car grows. POPyourCAR now consists of the following models:

POPyourCAR 2.1    (in stock)
POPyourCAR 2.2    (in stock)
POPyourCAR 2.3    (in stock)
POPyourCAR 3.0    (in stock)
POPyourMIRROR   (in stock)

All the car-adapters from POP has very good signal reception. It is important when to listen to the radio. And more importantly, all (with the exception of the POPyourCAR 2.0) is designed specifically for TRAFFIC safety. It's probably the most important thing when you are going to listen to the radio in traffic.

With POPyourCAR 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, and POPyourMIRROR we have launched products that do not require a lot of your attention in use. The change of channels is very easy, with direct selection buttons on the front. Both easy to find and intuitive. Nothing more attention demanding than the old FM radio.

All POPyourCAR models have also newly developed, active antenna with magnetic grounding, which ensures good reception. They also have traffic announcements, service following and newly developed, American FM transmitter with very good sound.

All in all, POPyourCAR series might be a newcomer and outsider in relation to those players who have governed biladapter-market over the last couple of years. But, when it comes to quality, signal reception and properties is back for some. And most important of all; It is the most TRAFFIC SECURE the series with dab + car adapters in the market.

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