Facts about POPyourCAR 2.1

Easy DAB + with SF and take for the car, 4 direct selection buttons on front

Enhanced DAB + receiver with FM Transmitter
Top signal reception with new, specially developed antenna
Very easy installation of both device and antenna. Do it yourself in 10 minutes.
Service following (SF) and traffic announcements (TA)
Fits in all cars (10-30v), 4 direct-dial buttons for road safety
Colour display, 4 buttons, line in and line out, signal strength indicator
Charging USB devices, new and improved FM transmitter
Veil Retail price 1199,-


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POPyourCAR 2.1

Just as good as it is simple

POP has three solutions for DAB + in the car. POPyourCAR 2.0, POPyourCAR 2.1 and POPyourCAR 3.0.  We call them "good", "better" and "BEST". POPyourCAR 2.1 is our "better" product. 

POPyourCAR 2.1 is a smart adapter that you mount yourself in 2 minutes (10 minutes if you anticipate the time required to pull the antenna cable along the window and down to the radio).
POPyourCAR 2.1 receives all DAB and DAB + channels. You decide whether to transfer these wirelessly (FM) or over cable (AUX-out).
POPyourCAR 2.1 has very good signal reception, newly developed and improved antenna and signal stabilization and synchronization that lead to better reception at higher speeds.

Today it is important that Dabmottakeren have Service following. This means that the radio itself switches to the strongest transmitter when you listen to NRK. POPyourCAR 2.1 has Service following (SF).
NRK also offers traffic messages (Traffic Announcements-TA). If the take is turned on, the traffic messages from NRK Traffic break into also when listening to other NRK channels or AUX-in.

It is very easy to use POPyourCAR 2.1. There are only 4 buttons. One is a preset button, on it you save your favourite channels (list that you scroll up and down in). In addition, POPyourCAR 2.1 is traffic safe. You can choose to use the four buttons as a direct selection button and never look for your channels when driving.

The specially developed antenna, the following Service, and TA are included in the price when you purchase POPyourCAR 2.1. This is the best option for those who want DAB +, SF, TA, FM transmitter, newly developed antenna and color display, without the need for installation.


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