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POP-the original

POP is Norway's "folkeDAB". POP got 5 on the dice at

POP has dab, dab +, fm and is very easy to use. It is a super travel radio for the kitchen counter or to take with them on the trip. POP works at 220v, USB or 4 x AA batteries. POP can be found in 7 colors. Black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink and orange.

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POPduo-more of everything

Big brother of the POPduo is POP.

Twice as much of anything. And Bluetooth NFC. With you can hear POPduo dab, dab +, fm and music streams from the bluetooth devices such as smart-phone and Web boards. POPduo has carrying handles, headphone output and works on 220v, USB port and 4 x C batteries. Remember that you can also use the POPpower to give power to the POP radios. POPduo exists in the colors black, white and gray.

Learn more about POPduo here

POPnano-one of the world's smallest

POPnano is one of the world's smallest digital radios.

In a spread on recently got the fame for the very good reception and good sound. POPnano is rechargeable and it plays in around 10 hours per charge. It has a convenient pinch of on the back that makes it easy to attach it to, for example, fitness tool. POPnano has dab, dab + and fm. POPnano comes in the colors black, white, yellow, Orange and pink.

Learn more about POPnano here.

Popup-your best friend in the morning

Popup is a cool clock radio.

The alarm it with good music and nice chat. From your favorite radio channel. The popup has the alarm memory and slumrefunksjon in your feet. Among much else. You can choose whether you want to be awakened every day, weekdays only, weekends only, or only once. You can also choose how long the radio should play when you're sleeping. So turn it off. Pop-ups are in the colors black, white, Orange and pink.

Learn more about POPup here

The world's easiest DAB + to the car

POPyourCAR is probably the world's easiest DAB + to the car.

It fits in all cars that have FM radio. The principle is simple. 

Learn more about POPyourCAR here.

The world's first hearing protection with DAB +

POP @ work-take with you all the new radio channels on the job

POP @ work is PPE, EN352, CE certified hearing protection with dab, dab +, fm and AUX input. Rechargeable battery that holds a long working day is included. 

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