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DAB, dab +, internet radio
Knowledge-first and foremost

Sahaga kan mye om digitalradio. Alle som jobber her elsker radio og har interessert seg for temaet i mange år. Innehaver HC var med fra starten i NRK, da Norge fikk sin første digitalradiokanal i 1995. Når du handler med Sahaga, handler du med folk som har solgt digitalradio i Norge siden 2004.

Safe and correct trade
100% service

Sahaga has developed a dedicated service program for our customers. Everyone is equally important, everyone gets equally good service. We focus 100% of the customer being satisfied. It is our only assurance that he/she will return. We have quick treatment, pleasant tone and attentive and knowledgeable staff.

We will be your total supplier
Good selection-what you need

Sahaga skal ha både radioer og tilbehør i alle prisklasser og med alle funksjoner. POP er de rimelige og gode radioene som dekker hele behovet for radio gjennom dagen. Utvalget dekke alle behov. Hovedkategoriene er Hjem og fritid, Arbeid og Bil/Kjøretøy. Tilbehør og tilstøtende produktkategorier hører også med.

What do we do?

Salg av radio til Europa, Australia og Asia
The home of POP and Revo
Keeps us oriented and informs about the radio
Sell antennas, cables and other accessories
Travel around the world to find the news to you

Who are we?

Vi er en glad gjeng med mennesker som jobber med det vi liker aller best, nemlig radio. Vi holder til i Titangata 10a. Det ligger på Øra, Fredrikstads industrifelt mot fjorden. Vi er Lillian, Malin, Mona, Ruta og HC. HCs fulle navn er Hans Christian Andersen og han har jobbet med radio i mer enn 30 av sine 47 år.

Our team

meet us

Lillian Anett Crazy Castle
Lillian Anett Crazy Castle
Accounting & Happiness Guru

Lillian Manager Sales Department and keeps track of the numbers. She has extensive experience in sales and

Mona R. Eriksen
Mona R. Eriksen
Sales & Problem Solver

Mona keeps track of the Office, in the customer lists and on the phone.

Malin Charlotte Sammerud
Malin Charlotte Sammerud
The Graphic Design Geek

Malin Charlotte is our creative head that makes all that graphic for us

HC Andersen
HC Andersen
Owner & World Changer

HC is radio throughout the body. He can mostly about dab and has been with since its inception.

Ruta Tekoriute-Rudzinskiene
Ruta Tekoriute-Rudzinskiene
The Customer Support Service & Magician

The route provides quick processing of service, repair and RMA. She has full control of the store.

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Contact Info
Sahaga AS
Titangata 10a
N1639 Gamle Fredrikstad
T: + 47 69 31 10 30
w: www.sahaga.com

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Legal info about us

Sahaga AS, Norway
NO org No: 999565719
NO Tax Number: NO999565719MVA
GLN NR: 7080003650139

Sahaga as, Sverige
NO org No: 999565719
See org No: 502075-4320
Swedish tax number: SE502075432001, EORI nr: SE4441310747

Invoices sent to: lillian@sahaga.com
Orders sent to: salg@sahaga.com

Sahaga as er et norsk aksjeselskap med hovedkontor på Øra i Fredrikstad. Handel i Norge foregår etter norske lover og regler. Kontaktpunkt for Sverige og Danmark er også hovedkontoret i Fredrikstad, svensk forretningsadresse er i Strømstad. Handel med Sverige og Danmark foregår etter respektive lands lover og regler.

Sahaga as is associated with the return mechanism for electronic waste.
Sahaga as is owned 100% of HCAG holding as. The CEO of Sahaga as is Hans Christian Andersen.

Switchboard: 0047 69 31 10 30

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Sahagas timeline

The radio creates the best pictures. The radio is a friend in everyday life. The radio entertains you, also in the background when you do other things. The radio is with you wherever you go. The radio is immediate, the radio has no pressing time or time limits. The radio is directly. The radio is everywhere. The radio is for everyone. All the time!
One day in 1893
The radio is up

Nikola Tesla invents the radio

It is debatable as to who actually invented the radio apparatus, but in 1943 it was judged America's top patent court that it was Nikola Tesla which was the first to be able to produce a working radio, as we know it. Tesla showed off the first radio in the city of St. Louis in the State of Missouri in 1893. He laid the Foundation for all that we do.

april 22, 1971
HC Andersen is born

HC is going to the world

Sahagas founder, HC Andersen, is born. He soon interested radio, and at the age of 13 years, he fixed the presenter on local radio at home in Halden. Radio listening and program production incorporates he more than most other things.

June 1, 1995
The first DAB channel on the air

Norway's first DAB channels on the air

The DAB standard was fully developed in the period 1987-1990. The project was a European Union research project initiated and bore the name Eureka147. NRK started the first broadcasts of the DAB in 1994, with transmitters at Høiås, Oslo, Jonsknuten and mountain. In January 1995 decided the first NRK's reign that the DAB channel in Norway should be initiated. 1. June went on NRK Classic air that Always the world's first dabradiokanal.

May 1, 2004
HCAG Holding AS established

HC starts its DAB operations

After having worked in NRK and TV2 since 1993, specific HC to start with import of DAB in 2004. After several years of commitment to dab in NRK, he wanted a dabradio in his car. In Scotland had just David Baxter and Colin Urie launched its "DAByourCAR" under the brand name REVO. HC traveled to Scotland to buy such and David said: "HC! If you buy five units, you'll be ´ our sole distributor in the nordics!» HC bought 5 (and some more) and went home and set in motion the business.

October 3, 2006
New and more efficient standard

DAB + is released

DAB was not fully developed before one came up with a more effective standard for sending data. DAB was MPEG2 and allowed about 10-12 dabkanaler pr "send" (multiplex). AAC + is more efficient, and was used as the standard DAB + was introduced. This is the standard that will be used in the future.

February 4, 2011
White paper on fighting of FM will be presented

Report to the Storting No. 8 will be presented

Strotingsmelding Nr. 8 (2010-2011): the digitization of radio media is being put forward. There was a goal set by 2017 for the liquidation of the national and commercial FM broadcasts. This sets the part requirements and prerequisites for extinguishing activities shall take place in 2017. Met these not exposed extinguishing activities to 2019.

on March 1, 2013
HC follow the dream

Sahaga be established

HC establishes his import business for dab + and internet radio. He takes the children's initials, and makes the name Sahaga. The business has been scheduled in 1.5 years.

11 may 2013
A hit is born

POP launched

2 months after the Sahaga is established, launched the company's first radio. Pop. The pleasing Ola and Kari. In a short time is the one to watch on tv, in magazines, and it is referred to on the radio. POP was launched in five colors and Sahaga were unable to supply enough of the small, new, colorful, design-fresh and good news. Companies with several thousand employees bought the POP in the present and Sahaga building a small, exclusive and hard-hitting sales network in a short time. (Later, the POP family has been extended with a number of models, among others, POPup POPduo POPnano, and POPyourCAR.)

april 28, 2014
Old friends hang on

REVO comes with the team again

10 years after HC collaborated with first started REVO time, calling those from Scotland again. Sahaga are invited to the new collaboration and we are agreed on the way forward, in the community in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In June arrives the two news REVO Super Signal and REVO SuperConnect. Already in October get SuperConnect "Special Recommendation" in the magazine picture and sound, and a month after the RADIO of the year by both the electronics industry and the picture and sound.

January 20, 2015
Sahaga goes international

Sahaga opens in Sweden and Denmark

After entering into cooperation with nationwide sales over 100 stand-alone outlets, NetOnNet, Siba, Euronics, Soundgarden and Japan Photo in Norway, has Sahaga as established business in Sweden. Agreements entered into with a number of Swedish retailers, both chain associated and stand-alone. It also established cooperation with a number of dealers in Denmark. Pop, REVO and HAMA has exclusive distribution of Sahaga in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Pop is Sahagas own the trademark.

16 February 2015
New radio everyday

Turn off the requirements are met

The Norwegian media provide information about the that has concluded that Nkom all the requirements posed in the report to the Storting No. 8 in the digital broadcasting, are met. It means that we are waiting for the authorities ' signature on the "turn off the documents" and a new radio everyday for Norway. It is already flerfoldinge times greater channel selection on the DAB/DAB + than on FM, and both the NRK, commercial actors and local radios are enjoying good days on digital radio.

april 16, 2015
Norway first in the world. Norwegians heldigst in the world. Again.

It is determined that the FM to goes out in 2017

This morning wake up to the news of Norway that the FM to goes out in 2017. The decision has been made and Norway becomes the world's first country to replace DC with DAB +. More channels, more information and full radio-democracy is the future, and both the NORWEGIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION, national commercial and a number of local radios cheering over the decision.

april 24, 2015
A new life for all who work in noisy environments

Sahaga the first ear protection with dab +

As a journalist Sahaga wiper in the Tractor in the ear that company launches hearing protection with dab + in the current year. This results in the research on the traktor.no and the news spread like fire in the grass stays dry. This has been waiting for Norway. And this has worked with Sahaga for two years. It becomes clear that the product will be named POP @ work and that it is in the trade in July/august 2015. Probably first out in the market!

October 1, 2016
POPyourCAR-Best on Reception, properties and road safety

The world's most traffic-secure DAB + adapter launched

POPyourCAR series re-launches, now as a 100% traffic safe series of car adapters. With the direct-selection buttons on any model, the driver no longer needs to take attention away from traffic to change channels.

January 11, 2017
The first step to the whole-digital radio

World first extinguishing of national-FM

On January 11, 2017 turns off FM for all Norwegian national channels. The Kingdom thus becomes the world's first country to take the plunge into whole-digital radio. Far more content on the air and a more modern distribution is the result of many years ' work to carry out the extinguishing of the national FM.

June 2017
POP Goes International

Sahaga and POP out in Europe

Denmark and Switzerland are far ahead in the queue of countries now going and waiting to follow after Norway in digitizing radio. Both countries have a number of new DAB channels on the air and there is a lot of DAB radio available. Sahaga has now opened for sale of POP in Denmark and Switzerland through their local distributors.

December 13, 2017
POP makes radio available in all colors!

All of Norway digital on radio

On 13 December, national FM was extinguished in Finnmark. Through 6 extinguishing regions, the country has become whole-digital on the National FM. Local radios still send on FM for up to 5 years, but the lion's party of all radio listening has now been moved to DAB.

March 23, 2018
POP the world!

POP registered as TM/trademark in Europe

POP Radio is now secured and registered as a trademark throughout Europe. It is important when we know that the radios will soon be in stores in more and more countries. There's only one POP-brand. POP from Sahaga!